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Road trip to Venus

I have To admit I havent Always beeen on the shakes wave but he is someone I will always have respect for due to the sincerity of his artistry. in saying this as a huge fan of his singles I had to check out his debut album.

My top 5 songs:

1. Scuba deep/a pipe dream ft tiana major - the sonics and production on this are absolutely trancendal. a Heartbreack song at its finest

2. take it there - pure tropical vibes, I’ve played this song every morning scince the album came out it’s practically installed into my memory. What I wouldn’t give to be in the studio when this was recorded .

3. doin time ft imani williams - the musical chemistry on this song speaks for itself. a match made in music heaven. one of my go to shower songs at the moment.

4. no problem, fam - this type of feel good music is what got me listening to shakka in the first place. The song just radiates positive energy, you can tell he enjoyed making this one.

5. one for the road - very much 2hr late night drive. I would be very interested to hear the motivation behind this.

  • honourable shoutout to the we’re not the same Interlude. The harmonies go crazyyy. very Kany-esque.

Overall, I would give this a 9/10. It gave me everything I look for in a body of work. not one song I would skip. in my top 3 uk albums this year without a shadow of doubt.

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