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Sincerely kentrell

Nba young boy is know to be a frequent project the giver and he has been in his fair share of features this year, but this one was was 100% solo.

my top 5:

  1. one my side - bars, pain, Crud, classic YB.

  2. bad morning - this will deffo get you feeling your self on a bad morning. pure vibes, one for the aux.

  3. I can’t take that back - we really get an insight into regret wich is not a feeling many rappers express especially with this genre. Very reminiscent of his 2018 single ‘valuable pain’.

  4. My killa - sonically very carti/uzi- esque but still with the OG youngboy street talk.

  5. White teeth - very much a throwback to 2017 YB.

Overall, This felt a lot like the start of a mew chaPeter for YB. I mean the title is pretty self explanatory, it’s all about the true, unrefined kentrell and it did not disappoint. Yb has been around for a hot minute now and we have seen nothing but progression from his character to his music. Very different to his last album ‘ still flexin still stepping’ ( wich I did prefer) but definitely shows variety.

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