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Beautiful and Brutal Yard review:

After years of anticipation, national treasure J hus finally dropped his third studio album B.A.B.Y. After the mixed opinions surrounding his latest single 'Who Told You' ft Drake, I was intrigued to see what this album would bring but seeing as JHus is my

favourite artist in the UK I didn't loose hope.

My top 5:

1.) Come Look - This song is an audio representation of why JHus is the GOAT and why I will always defend him again the Lyricism police. As he vividly describes what is was like growing up in south London.

2.) Massacre - As the first official song on the album it this track definately sets the bar high and gives a flashback to 017 when Hus was in his afroswing lane.

Even the little things like switching up the way he says massacre to fit the rhyme scheme were all reminiscent of an earlier Hus.

3.) Millitarian - As a Nigerian and long time Marlian this one hit close to home. Naira Marley was the perfect addition to this song as he is almost seen as the black sheep of afrobeat and this album seems to show a much darker side of Hus. When the Uk artists make afrobeat songs they tend to apply to most of the African diaspora but this one feels Naij to the core.

4.) Bim Bim - As I got towards the end of the album my list was pretty much already conceived and I didn't think the last few tracks would alter it...I was wrong. The production on this song alone feels like a movie in itself. The tribal-esque drums as a whole new level of complexity which dramatises the track as a whole.

5.) Fresh Water/Safa Cara - Within the first ten seconds of this I realised why I was hit with a wave of familiarity as this song is very simmilar to 'Cucumber' of his last album in regards to the melody and use of sexual innuendo. The first half of the song leaves very little to the imagination and is more emphatic as the second half but they are both equally as Husla.

It's safe to say that JHus did not disappoint with this project ( not that I expected him to). The seamles blend between the burning house and the flower house on the album cover is definitely reflected in the album as he manages to perfectly excecute both the beautiful and the brutal.

Click the image above to listen to the album!

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