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Kings disease II

This highly anticipated album was produced by hit boy wich is a Very interesting pick considering the views about his production on nas’ previous album. nevertheles, I was excited for this one.

  1. EPMD 2 ft Eminem - a collab with nas and Em has always been something I looked forward to see but I never expected it to be this soon. I knew it was gonna be serious when I realised Em was going last. And he bodied it as as usual.

  2. nobody fr Lauryn Hill - The title of the song really sets pace for what’s to come. I believe it’s in reference to the complexity and the catogorisation of the music industry especially when it comes to female artist. Sometimes u have to fight for the value of your artist and go ghost for your ur own peace of mind.

  3. YKTV ft A boogie - very modern and evolved sound for nas but I see it as a testament to his growth as a rapper.

  4. death row east - The flow is impeccable. The production was quite experimental but sonically I think it was a dub. We are also enlightened with the tale his mended relationship with the late legend Tupac shakur.

  5. Nas is good - very much old school Nasir. you lot know I am very picky about the last song on albums and although this did a great job of wrapping up the project I do wish wish it was slightly longer.

Overall, I would give this project a 6.5/10. I feel like this album definitely came with a more nostalgic touch than the first kings disease. And you could hear the improvement in hitboys production as well as the selection of features.

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