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My top 5:

  1. Verdansk - I have to say that the beat does sound almost identical to 'Titanium' but the vibes in this song is UNMATCHED.

  2. in the fire - what an unexpected lineup. It's very rare for a song with this many features to be executed to such perfection where everyone pulled wither weight. This has to be the clearest verse from Fredo i have ever heard and i'm confident that only Dave could have brought out this dormant side of Fredo. i think its safe to say Ghetts took man of the match on this song (per usual), i mean his verse literally speaks for itself. Special honourable shoutout to Meekz, even as a new comer he still brought the heat on a song this high calibre. ever since 'cant stop won't stop' i knew he was one to look out for.

  3. were all alone

  4. survivors guilt

  5. lazarus - sonically, i much preferred this to 'system' as i think his voice paired better with Boj. I believe that my likeness to this song is partly due to the fact that that when the album is played as a whole it provides a mid-way switch up and brings a more up-lifting vibe to the project.

Now to answer the question we've all been waiting for. is this Dave's best projects. personally i think that the number one spot is sill held by his EP '6 paths' as it is a constant reminder of the skill set that sets him apart from other artists.

Overall, i would rate this album a solid 8/10.

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