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This season was top tierrrrr. and if you watched it yo would know how much sir went down so I just gathered a few of my thoughts and hot takes of this season.

  • first of all POPE. Let’s just say god took his time with that one.

  • is anyone else attracted to rafe??? I think it’s time to admit that my strange attraction to phsycotic murderers is becoming very concerning.

  • my strong dislike for the female characters in this season really stood out. Let’s start with Sarah aka the epitome of white priviledge. Everything she does just gives me the Ick and I was low-key hoping that she was gonna stay dead when She got shot but we all know the producers would have never let that happen

  • Now let’s move on to kiera who is basically the rich girl who wishes she was poor so people think shes more interesting when In reality she is as dry as my back foot. Let’s not even get into the way she played with pope’s emotions for no reason.

  • jj is my favourite cause hes just vibes and if the phrase ‘I’ll do it if you do it’ was a phrase it would be him.

  • I left John till last cause hes just a simp that takes up way too much screen time. Also a 12 mark question for u guys; why the fuck did they add a ‘b’ to his name when he’s the only one there called John.

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