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Independence Day

This is fredos second album this year following his previous success ‘money can’t by happiness‘ which was co-produced by rap genius Dave.

  1. Talk of the town - I felt like this was a track that really solidified the return of street fredo especially after the criticism that came with his single ‘hickory dickory dock‘. this has to be my favourite song by far because it showed that he took the negative and used it to improve his artistry wich is something not a lot of rappers do when it comes to critiques

  2. 14 ft Potter payper - recently potter has been in some very unexpected features with rappers that have completely different styles so it was nice to hear him shell on a track with a similarly suited artist.

  3. Flowers and the snow - the production in this one was very reminiscent of his song ‘YRF’ with not3s.

  4. Independence Day

  5. double tap ft Sus

Overall, I would give this project a 6.2/10. I believe it’s a display of fredos sound and his roots. But I also believe that it is a solid indication of his potential and I am fairly confident that he still has a lot more in the bag for us.

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