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After waiting 3 years for this drop, we received it in the most unprecedented way wich was a shock to most of the public, (including Kanye himself), but I have never looked forward to 1hr and 44 minutes of bliss as much as this.

my top 7 songs (in no particular order):

  1. Jonah

  2. off the grid - kanyeee on drilllll *soulja boy voice*. this is just a mother pile of evidence in the table that displays that Kanye is an artist that can adapt to the times seamlessly.

  3. praise god - Travis’ verse on this was very reminicent of his verse in ‘TOP FLOOR’ with Gunna and the production definitely completed his and baby keems trap wave vibe.

  4. remote control - the replay value on this song is outrageous. not to mention thugger came with the vocalsss. This is has to be one for the aux playlist.

  5. Hurricane - The weekend and lil baby was a collab that I never expected to work but If anyone was gonna make it happen it would have had to be Kanye. Very much late night drive vibes.

  6. jesus lord - This song gives off a lot of psycadelic energy. jay electronical provided the switch up that was needed in a long song like this. It almost feels like a spiritual sequel to ‘runaway’ Mixed with ‘JESUS IS KING’

  7. Keep my spirit alive - I’ve always kept Conways name in the mention when I’m talking about my favourite artists and this song is one of the reasons why.

Honourable mentions:

- believe what I say

- pure souls

This project felt like a concoction of all his albums encapsulated Into a heartfelt tribute to his late mother. I really admire the attempt to make a link betweeen gospel and modern day rap. Overall, I would give this album an 8.7/10. (I deducted 0.3 marks due to the lack of cover art.)

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