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My top 5:

  1. trenches ft potter payper - This one comes across as more of a street rap tune, wich is to be expected considering potter is on the track. We also experience unknown T's versatality as he raps on a much slower bpm in a seemingly comfortable manner.

  2. vin diesel ft m1llionz - ghosty really did not lack on the production. The vocals really stood out for me on this one giving me very much middle eastern vibes.

  3. tugman vacation

  4. sweet lies - This one was a vibeee and a half. strategically placed at the halfway point of the project, it gave us a mellow cool down period before going back to the drill tunes. This is not the first time we’ve heard a track like this from unknown t; ‘Sweet lies’ is very reminiscent of ‘SS interlude’ which can be found on his last project ‘rise above hate‘.

  5. Loui bloom - OG shit

Overall, I would give this project a 7/10.

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