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Survival Of The Dead Subtitles English

NICHOLIN DLAMINI, Mother of Bheki and Zandile: [subtitles] Let us accept the fact that we are faced with a TB epidemic. We need to get together and fight for our survival so that there can be a future for the next generation because if we give up the fight right now, the children are finished.

Survival of the Dead subtitles English

Colonists wrote about the winter starving time of 1609-1610, when by one account, only 60 Virginia settlers survived out of 500. In the face of slow death by starvation a few of the desperate resorted to living off the remains of the dead. Records also state that a man killed and ate his wife. These written accounts have never been proven, until now. The bones found in this trash deposit within the James Fort site confirm this grisly period of survival. 041b061a72


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