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Buy Sharpie Pens

My husband loves fine point pens and when he found these, he hasn't stopped using them! I love them as well! They're perfect when he has to write his invoices for work because they don't smear or bleed through to the next page, excellent product. Sharpie has always been amazing!

buy sharpie pens

Download Zip:

I like the fine point of the pens, I even use them as a barista at Starbucks. But usually on the paper cups as the writing can be hard to read/doesn't stand out, on the clear cups when you are on a hurry.

I could write with these all day long! They are one of my absolute favorites and I am a pen freak! When they are on sale I stock up! Especially the last Office Depot sale when the singles were $.25 each. I think I bought about 50! You can use them for anything. But the fine point makes for great writing that is readable for any age. Not the big bulky sharpie pens that sometimes get hard to read.

These are great to use for all types of art. Sharpie has yet to let me down. I usually stock up from because that seems to be the cheapest place to get sharpies from. If you guys have a better place let me know, because I run through these like cupcakes. :) lol

Our panel of testers included Wirecutter staffers who are fanatical about stationery (to the point where they can differentiate between a pen with a 9-mm grip section and one with an 11-mm grip). These panelists collect pens as a hobby, and they are more knowledgeable and opinionated about pens than most people. In testing our ergonomic pen options, our panelists included two medical professionals (one who has had rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years).

We whittled our initial list of 46 potential pens to test down to 26 finalists, based on editorial and owner reviews, ability for refills, and available tip-size options. We then split testing into three rounds:

Jetstream pens feature Super Ink, which is resistant to forgery by means of removal (such as with acetone), as well as to more-mundane threats like water spills and fading. In addition, this ink writes well on glossy paper, including receipts.

And if you have a collection of fully used (empty) pens, Terracycle will give you a free shipping label to send them in for recycling. Although the program is sponsored by BIC, all brands of writing instruments and their packaging are accepted.

Office Depot sells an exclusive line of pens under the TUL brand, in rollerball, gel pen, and ballpoint. Their exclusivity makes them less interesting as a generally recommended pen (and you can buy all of our other picks at Office Depot). Reviewers ding the gel pen for its long drying time, and they recommend the line more for stocking an office than for buying a nice pen for yourself.

We considered the very wide array of Uni-ball pens for this updated guide, and we tried the Vision Elite with BLX inks. For everyday writing, this pen is very, very wet, and will likely leave the side of your pinkie or palm shellacked with dark ink. For anyone who wants a bold, colorful pen for sketches or illustrations, the color selection and the dark, thick ink may appeal.

For those who use or plan to use a wooden sign as their guest "book" for guests to sign, what pens did you use or recommend? We would love something clean and sharp, not necessarily as fat as would be if we use a sharpie. White ink preferred. Google is not helping me out!

Micron pens are what our seller recommended for our wooden hearts for our guest book, sharpies will work but they might bleed. The Micron pens works AMAZING, they are a little pricier then other pens but well worth it!!

Did the sharpie paint pens fade over time at all? did you use a clear top coat? if so, what brand? We have a similar idea for the guest book, just using a whiskey barrel lid instead and getting it engraved.

The 0.5mm gel pens write fairly well. It is not the smoothest pen on the market, but there are certainly worse ones. I have experienced a few hard starts and skips with the red and blue pens, with the black ink being the most consistent. One other feature of note is that the S-Gel barrels are manufactured in the USA, as indicated by a small origin stamp under the clip. This likely only has an impact on back-end cost and not overall quality, but it is worth noting that the Roller is produced in China.

The s-Gel pens on the other hand have lasted so much longer, I have yet to run out of ink on the 4 pack I have. The only complaint is that they do get scratchy and I have one out of my set that the tip seems to be loose, almost like the metal tip is broken. Over all the S-gel is far superior to the Roller version. I just wish the S-Gel came in a smaller tip like the .5 Roller.. the .7 is just to much ink for a gel pen when used the way I use it for work.

We stock some of the most recognisable names in pens, including favourite brands like Berol, Bic, Cross, Parker, Sharpie and STABILO, plus many more. Our pens are available as single units for if you just need the one, or in packs and even in colourful collections so you can stock up on all of your writing needs.

Sorry, must be very upsetting for you, but I actually like the brown ones, I think they look lovely. I also liked the one with the black ink areas and brown sharpie too. I am at Art college myself and have only just bought one black sharpie marker, so thanks for telling me before in spent a fortune on the big coloured packs.

perhaps one could argue that sharpie work could be preserved with a fixative or clear coat, or that it delivers a faded effect to the work over time. could be argued that anything that stains could be used for canvas art. i googled sharpie vs india ink ?

In the quest to get RepRap to be able to print more and more of its own parts, we are attempting to be able to draw circuit board traces with a sharpie based pen plotter in order to later etch the boards. This would save lots of money as we would no longer need to buy expensive PCB (printed circuit boards) and instead could print then etch our own.

We are currently using a slight modification of (located on the linux box) rewritten by SCRUG members called cadRto generate gcode for drawing. can also be used to generate trace plots (see utilmachine's instructions) and along with the Sharpie pen plotter we could can draw traces on a piece of copper and etch away the non-trace material. We currently are using the flexy shaft holder to hold a enclosure for a sharpie that allows the tip to be resistively compressed. Printing the pen mount from utilmachine tutorial was not trivial with the top half bridging very poorly (not at all) and the treadings not lining up well between the bottom and the top portion we ended up with. 041b061a72


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