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Green with envy

It’s been 2 years since I last heard a project from tion. however, since then it’s safe to say we saw a new side to his musical abilities.

my top 5:

  1. Make it out ft joe black, scorcher, and rimzee - I knew this one was gonna be a top scorer for me when I saw the feautres, every one did the bit. definately one for the play list.

  2. more money- you can really hear the old tion Wayne influence in this song; with a slight new-school finish.

  3. homecoming - in this one we hear Tion’s storytelling ability but we don’t lose the classic street cadence.

  4. realest one - after listening to this song a few times it has really grown on me. definitely feels like it was aimed at someone in particular. reminds be of unknown t’s ‘tugman vacation’.

  5. WYS ft raye - very chill rnb vibes. There was a real match between raye and tion and sonically, it really pushed through on the track.

Overall, I would give this project a 5.5/10 old-school tion definitely came though but I didn’t really connect with this one the way I did with the waynes world trilogy. I felt something was missing in the production and it came of slightly lacklustre but all in all it was a very good attempt.

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