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After an antagonising 3 years we have finally received drakes long anticipated ode to the female. I had to listen to this one a few times over to realllyyyyy take in in.

My top 5 songs:

  1. fair trade - This is one of my favourite songs for many reasons but to sum it up it’s replay value and bars wrapped in an immaculate flow.

  2. 7 am on bridle path - If your a dedicated Drake fan you know that when there is a time and location in the title is game time!!

  3. no friends in the industry - Return of Drake the rapper. (shots fired).

  4. champagne poetry - The Masego ‘navejo’ sample on this goes crazyyyy!!!! Definitely one of my favourite moments on the album.

  5. girls want girls - Classic gyalist drake from the vocals to the flow with an added touch of the streets from lil baby for the mandem.

I have to say this album lived up to its expectations with no shadow of a doubt. The theme was cohesive through the project Wich is something a lot of rappers lack on thier albums Overslly I would give this a certified 8.3/10.

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