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Couple Rings: left or right?

First of all, no what the ring issue is addressed in your country of origin you are free to choose what you'd like to wear the ring of your life! Wedding traditions are beautiful and can provide orientation but they are not there to restrict you in your choice.

Engagement ring left or right?

Tradition in Germany

In Germany the wedding ring is typically placed on the finger of the right hand because it is believed to be the "righteous" one. The engagement ring is generally worn on the left. In Austria, Norway and Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Bulgaria these are the most commonly used ways to wear it.

Do you want to wear your wedding engagement ring and proposal rings on the same finger? It's not unusual to do this: In the past few years it has become more popular in this country to join the engagement ring to the wedding ring following the wedding as a side ring. If this kind of combination is desired the proposal ring shifts from the traditional left hand to the right to the wedding ring immediately following the wedding, or it is worn there from the start. This is especially useful when there is a small difference in the circumferences of the fingers on both hands.

The importance of wearing your engagement ring to the left

In most countries, such as Spain and Italy, France, Switzerland as well as the Netherlands the wedding band is usually worn on your left, on the side of your heart. The engagement ring is generally left on the left hand following the wedding. A custom that goes back to ancient Egypt and antiquity. By wearing the engagement ring on the left hand people believed in the belief that the "vena amoris" or "vein of love" flows from the left ring finger directly to the heart. Wearing the wedding ring on this finger therefore had a very unique, symbolic significance.

However, many brides and grooms of today prefer the left hand for less romantic reasons For those who put a lot of pressure on their right hand in their work-related activities and a wedding ring that is worn on the left hand is just a little less problematic, and signs of wear on the precious metal may be reduced.

The wedding rings of 2024 are trending at Fischer the ring maker: Individuality and individuality

Wedding rings this year reflect two major trends: personality and individuality. More couples are opting for rings that are unique and not "off-the-shelf".

As a top manufacturer of wedding rings, Fischer Wedding Rings recognized trends and designed the exclusive new alloy of gold called caramel. Inspired by the colour and essence of caramel, this distinct gold hue gives wedding rings a special elegance. Its soft shine is reminiscent of sunshine-soaked afternoons when delicate light rays reflect off the world in a calm, golden glow. This makes the extraordinary caramel gold an excellent option for jewelry, and particularly for wedding rings.

Soul Band model

The Fischer Soul Band wedding band model blends different wedding bands with different surfaces to create an original piece of jewelry. This stunning ring symbolizes harmony and connectivity and captures the trend of 2024.

Model Dune Shine

The ring that is handmade is called Dune Shine and impresses with its striking surface. The ladies' ring is accented by five artistically placed diamonds (total 0.03 ct. G/si), which underline its splendor and beauty.

Personalised engraving

Wedding rings made of caramel-gold are more personal when they are made to be engraved. The bride and groom have plenty of ideas at their disposal: whether the QR code is to their own website, a full-length love poem, their own fingerprint in the partner's ring, the soundtrack of the song they sing, the coordinates of their first date or any other idea that the groom and bride would like to implement as an engraving.

Put together rings individually

For the most unique wedding rings, there are virtually unlimited possibilities to incorporate your own ideas with the Konfischerator, Fischer's online ring configurator. The Konfischerator allows you to realize your wedding ring dreams in a unique fashion, with many design options. It is up to you whether you'd like to design online as a couple or work with a configurator partner who will also provide you with excellent advice. With the configurator, you can easily and quickly get your wedding rings!


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