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Note Taking Guide Episode 502 _VERIFIED_

The undisputed testimony in this case is that Commonwealth utilizes the Lincoln National Underwriting Manual as a guideline for the evaluation of underwriting policies. However, the underwriter is not bound by the recommendations of the manual, but uses it together with his own judgment of the circumstances in underwriting any policies in the event an insured suffers from cholecystitis. The manual recommends either: (1) to rate the policy; (2) to issue a waiver or rider; or (3) to not issue the policy, depending on the circumstances. If the episode occurred from two to five years prior to issuance of the policy, then the recommendation is for a 50 percent premium increase, although this is within the discretion of the underwriter. In this case, David Banks, vice-president of Commonwealth and manager of the underwriting department, stated that if he had been aware in 1984 that Vicki Guy had been diagnosed as having Cholecystitis in 1981, he would have issued a waiver excluding coverage for any gallbladder problems. Sonja Overbee, an underwriter for American General Insurance Company, testified that under the circumstances, American General would not have issued a policy under their standards although they also use the Lincoln National Underwriting Manual and their policy was less liberal than Commonwealth's policy. Neither David Banks nor Sonja Overbee was involved in the decision to issue the policy to Guy.

note taking guide episode 502



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