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Underground Augusta

The Underground Classroom will be used to educate youth and adults about soil health and conservation. This experience will serve as a hands-on, learning tool for a variety of lessons available to schools, field days, fairs, festivals, and beyond. The Underground Classroom allows visitors to walk through a three-dimensional virtual experience of the underground world beneath them. Through activities and investigations that correlate to the Virginia Standards of Learning, students will learn the important role soil health provides to crops and water quality.

Underground Augusta

The Headwaters Soil and Water Conservation District needs volunteers to assist staff in the delivery of conservation education to children and youth by utilizing the Underground Classroom. If you are interested in helping with the Underground Classroom at various schools and events within the district, please fill out a Conservation Volunteer Application and return to 70 Dick Huff Lane Verona, VA 24482 or email it to

There were ten branches, seven of which were for cities while three were for some of the numerous luxurious villas in this area popular with rich Romans, such as the Villa Pollio at Posillipo.[8] Including the branches, the total length of the aqueduct was approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles), making it the longest Roman aqueduct, with the possible exception of the Gadara Aqueduct, until the 5th century AD when the Valens Aqueduct was extended in Constantinople. The Aqua Augusta was one of the most difficult and costly aqueducts ever constructed by an ancient civilisation due to its length and the difficult terrain it crossed.[9] Despite its size and complexity, the Aqua Augusta is today largely unknown as a major monument because most of it is underground.

The speleologists who began to explore discovered a 650-meter extremely well-preserved part of the underground aqueduct, which supplied water to the surroundings of Posilipo Hill and the villas on the island of Nisido. This section of the aqueduct is believed to be the longest-known section of the Aqua Augusta aqueduct system," Delfi reports.

According to the association's announcement, the aqueduct's underground channel is very close to the surface. Scientists plan to analyze the aqueduct's structural features and determine the construction methods used and water control structures. 350c69d7ab


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