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Tesco Mobile Properly Launches The Samsung Galaxy S6 [TOP]

@Childlessness @tescomobile Can you help? I have been into your store to report issue with phone. They tried to deal with it but couldn't get it 'logged in' on their repair system. They gave me a phone number. I phoned the number they said they would email. Nothing arrived. I went via the live

Tesco Mobile properly launches the Samsung Galaxy S6

Download File:

@HDeFillemere @O2 & @tescomobile - large scale signal outage around the sellindge area in Kent. Especially dangerous as the electricity is also down, leaving no way to call anyone if there is an emergency.

@jen_Evo @tescomobile your customer service provision is nonexistent. You've cut off my mums phone and all your systems are down so you can't resolve this? Disgraceful attitudes towards customers.

@RodDunne @TescoIrl @tescomobileire Please enter the bug report into your issue tracker. "Can't accept new customers for Tesco Mobile from the web because names in our own language are 'illegal'", would be a good description.An Post had no issues with my name and billing address.

@CLouca29 @tescomobile absolutely disgusted with your service. I got a new contract with you in December and and transferred over from Vodafone pay as you go and im still unable to receive phone calls. Ive spoke to your customer support over 20 times and still no resolution.

@MrsDanielleD99 @tescomobile what is going on with your business SIM cards? Moved multiple business SIMS from O2 to Tesco Mobile. Every call received showing as NO CALLER ID. Multiple calls to Customer Service who have finally admitted it is a known issue but no fix. How is this acceptable?

@BigTallTweets1 @tescomobile My family (inc 2 kids) have been unable to make calls, have had no access to Internet and zero network for around 10 days now. Apparently maintenance work going on. Are customers getting compensation for this very poor service & access again? Not good enough.

@asia198 @iamamyhunter @tescomobile I have the same problem in my area and its now for nearly one month... each single time they saying engineer is trying to fix the problem...i wouldn't be able to do nothing if i wouldn't have home broadband with different provider

@safc4evaftm @tescomobile I wonder if there is any eta for resolution to the issue facing some new customers. SMS and Mobile Data not working. Joined with my partner on 04/01 and not been able to send SMS or use mobile data. Reported the issue to the network. Awaiting updates.

@IndyScott9 @tescomobile HiWas on the Tesco website there trying to find out if you use 02 or who for coverage. It wouldn't let me type in my postcode to check. Web error. Plz fix. Who do you use as I've had no signal using Three network for 2 years. I need a phone that let's me get a signal at home.

@grumpygal1 @tescomobile @TrussellTrust Was told takes up to 24 hours - 24 hours gone and still number not working. Tell me realistically how long my husband will be without his business number.

@arnabhalder @tescomobile My number was supposed to be ported by 18:00 hrs today but you still have not ported the number. You have also disabled the original sim midday today hence no one could reach me for the last six hours. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

@APhillips1962 @morrismckinlay1 @tescomobile You will have a long wait mate. They are pathetic and agree make u winder if anyone working on issues I been waiting since 18th dec fed up with bulls&it lies and failed promised call backs

@mrjossi_b Hi @MoneySavingExp are you aware of the abysmal service from @tescomobile with migrating numbers on a new contract. It's already been 11days since I issued them with a PAC and I'm still waiting! No one can call me on my number! #Disaster

@grumpygal1 @tescomobile Would not recommend Tesco mobile. Unable resolve basic issues and absolutely everyone you speak to has a different story. Husband now has no access to business phone number. Thanks Tesco!

@Lindsay_Brunt 12 months of no signal/data, 8 weeks of emails, calls and the worst customer service I have ever received (laughed at, no callback, no care for customers) @tescomobile agreed to stop my tariff ? ? bye? Now am part of @EE and already signal and data is 100 times better!

@Lindsay_Brunt @Ofcom 8 weeks today since complaint started - no call back as promised. Email from @tescomobile monday as instructed by ofcom but no replies or calls since... called up to enquire and again poor customer service and no manager or team leader to speak too. how do i go forward @Ofcom ??

@MatthewCDoyle @tescomobile Are you having problems with network in PR2 area? Last few weeks keep getting 'mobile network not available' every few days - had nothing but issues with you as a provider.

@BunnyBrained @tescomobile shocking customer service. Halfway through a 3 year contract and, for the 2nd time my Nokia 8.3 5g battery is dying (first fix clearly didn't). No ownership. Not in warranty ? Pay 200 to upgrade, no waiver. So what exactly do I use my 12g data/texts/minutes on?

@Chrissi25105065 @NikitaJGarner @tescomobile I have been with Vodafone for many years, since moving to Wales 7 years ago I have had to use Wi-Fi calling in the house because no signal gets up here! Can get 3G outside and spotty signal! No other network works either! So annoying!

@jenjynx @tescomobile hi could you help, my phone signal is not working. Phone restarted, removed sim card and inserted again. Nothing! My sim card is fairly new. Any advice? Thanks Ps: my dad's signal is perfect. He's on tesco mobile too.

@IanDickerson @tescomobile I live in Alresford. "A phone mast close to me isn't working" as your text says. It's not been working for almost a week. Was promised an update on 6th Jan. Have heard nothing. Please help?

@marcus7835 @tescomobile Are you having problems with your website, as when I try and checkout a upgrade I get a red box saying we are having technical difficulties try again, been like it since early this morning.

@padorrington @tescomobile the worst ever possible phone provider to exist !! a catalogue of problems from the day I regretfully ported my mobile no. Phone went live today but no messages or data. Tesco do not have the expertise to resolve and now left phoneless ! Do not choose Tesco Mobile !

@andrewgerson4 @neilslater36 @tescomobile That is theft! Obtaining money from a customer without availing the services promised is theft. Instead of fixing the problem, they resolved to stealing from their customers

@Lisastaffs2018 Has anyone else had any issues with @tescomobile ? My partner, a long standing existing customer, ordered a new iPhone on 19 Dec, still waiting for it! Shocking customer service in store trying to get the phone

@Lindsay_Brunt @DcJacklyn @EE @O2 @vmbusiness @tescomobile @giffgaff @VodafoneUK I would AVOID Tesco - you get not data, no signal and appauling customer service! go with another network who cares for their customers! 350c69d7ab


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