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With the anticipation of the trailer for the new Sony film, Morbius, set to hit Monday; the first image of of Jared Leto as Michael Morbias has leaked onto the internet. The photo was first posted on twitter from @Vullein, and has since been taken down. Of course, nothing is ever really erased so here is the first alleged image:

The character of Morbius debuted in the Spider-Man comics of the 1970s. He's a B (C) list character that has often been a supporting player or a part of a team, rather than a focal point. To be blunt, the fact that he's the subject of a major motion picture is nothing short of a minor miracle. As you may have surmised from this review or the many voices loudly criticizing the movie, it's not exactly a slam dunk. The film is mostly a by-the-numbers origin story with no real surprises or grace notes. Jared Leto is fine as the titular anti-hero, but there's nothing in the role or performance to endear him to viewers other than his bad-boy good looks and outsider rock and roll image, which--let's be honest--is part of the appeal. Matt Smith, the man who helmed the TARDIS when Doctor Who conquered North America, chews the scenery as the villain of this tale, but comics fans will take issue with the revisionist history of the baddie. Adria Arjona, Tyrese Gibson, and Al Madrigal fill what are essentially cookie-cutter roles as the damsel in distress and the curious cops, respectively. In fact, the whole screenplay feels routine, harkening back to a more generic era of superhero movies.

But for me, that's okay because Morbius is kind of a generic character. As a life-long comics fan, I realized long ago that there are certain players that have incredible images and gimmicks, but don't have the depth of the A-listers, keeping them forever on the fringes. Sure, we may get a Taskmaster limited series from time to time, or a new take on Moon Knight (I'm looking at you, Disney Plus), but there's only so much you can do. They aren't Spidey, Cap, Iron Man, or Wolverine. Morbius is like that: he looks cool, he's got a great costume and set of powers, but there's only so much gas in that tank. The new film wrings every ounce of that limited potential into its running time. 59ce067264


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