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Developing Communication Skills By Krishna Mohan Pdf 11

Have you ever felt the messages you convey are not communicated properly or have you ever felt guilty of not conveying the message as it wants to be conveyed? If so it is because of your weakness towards communication skills. Apart from the basic necessities, you need to be equipped with habits for good communication skills, as this is what will make you a happy and successful social being. In order to develop these habits, you need to first acknowledge the fact that communication skills need an improvement from time to time. The only constant in life is change, and the more you accept your strengths and work towards dealing with shortcomings, especially in the area of communication skills, the better will be your interactions and the more your social popularity. Thus the present unit enables you to get a detailed picture of the need and importance of developing communication skills and feel confident and empowering to face any type of situation in life.

Developing Communication Skills By Krishna Mohan Pdf 11

Oral Communication is more natural and immediately available for responding to a comment / statement. In natural and informal situations, we speak readily without hesitation in order to communicate with others; but in a formal and official situation, many persons feel nervous and cannot speak easily. It needs training, practice and skill to speak effectively in a formal situation.Oral communication requires the presence and simultaneous attention of both the persons. Need for personal presence makes certain demands on the skills of both; each must be able to respond to the body language of the other, and must be able to make immediate response to what the other says.Oral communication occurs in situations like conversations, telephone talk, interviews, presentations, group discussions, and meetings.


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