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Slow Magic Feel Flows

I am using Visual Studio 2019. I have 64 gb of ram, use 1tb NVMe drives, 12 core 4.10 GHz processor, Windows 10 OS. And even with this decent machine, Visual Studio hangs and freezes very often. I am a programmer by trade, I code at least 8 hours a day and I'd say Visual Studio locks up, stops responding around 5 times per day and randomly crashes and restarts itself around 3 times per day. The crash/restarts don't come with a hang or any warning at all. The program just completely and instantly closes itself with no warning at all. When the program freezes, in the device manager, Visual Studio will often be consuming >50% of my CPU and >33% of my RAM - which seems like a lot given my machine. I generally give the hangs about a minute to try and resolve themselves. Maybe 10% they actually resolve themselves and I can continue on. 50% of the the time, it hangs for over a minute and I have to end task in task manager. The rest of the time, it crashes after hanging for a bit. I have notices that in the rare chance that the program recovers by itself, it often feels less stable afterwards - slow to respond, much slower to think about things, delayed typing (press keys and they don't show up on screen for a few seconds, then appear all at once). Sometimes it gets like this without any hangs first. When it gets like this, I end up killing visual studio and restarting it to try and get back to a usable state.

Slow Magic Feel Flows




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