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Rc Gyrocopter Plans BETTER

To begin with, there is no Radio Controlled Gyrocopter today, or at least, there is no knowledge of one as of today. The plans illustrate an R/C model of the Benson Gyrocopter. It was designed and built in order to give a better picture of the size and installation of R/C equipment. The plan, therefore, is only an outline. It was drawn with the model builder in mind who would like to experiment with a great possibility of quick success. Close to scale of the full sized craft, only the horizontal stabilizer, wheelbase, mast, and vertical stabilbizer cross section have been changed. Building the model on a smaller scale is not recommended since the relationship between weight and stress will be negatively influenced.

Rc Gyrocopter Plans


Some of the more elaborate Benson types have an enclosed cockpit. This has been illustrated on the plans since this hood is necessary in order to facilitate housing the R/C system. The receiver, batteries, and servos can be bolted to the floor. The on-off switch can be mounted on the bulkhead. This will permit good accessibilily to the whole system. 350c69d7ab


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