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The Servant (2010) - A Historical Romantic Drama

The Servant (Korean: 방자전; RR: Bang-ja-jeon; lit. "The Story of Bang-ja" or "Bang-ja Chronicles") is a 2010 South Korean historical romantic drama film starring Kim Joo-hyuk, Jo Yeo-jeong and Ryoo Seung-bum. It re-tells the origins of the famous Korean folktale Chunhyangjeon from the perspective of the male protagonist Lee Mong-ryong's servant.


The film switches between the present, where Bang-ja narrates his story, and the past, where the events unfold. Bang-ja is a servant who accompanies his master Mong-ryong to a local pleasure house, where they see a performance by Chun-hyang, the madam's daughter. Bang-ja tries to arrange a meeting between Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong, but ends up impressing her and her maidservant Hyang-dan with his skills and courage. He also receives guidance from Mr. Ma, a notorious womanizer and friend of Mong-ryong.


Bang-ja falls in love with Chun-hyang and seduces her with his clumsy but sincere approach. They make love several times, but Chun-hyang also wants to marry Mong-ryong, who is of higher social status and can provide her a better life. She asks Bang-ja to help her with this plan, but he is reluctant and heartbroken. When Mong-ryong is called away to Seoul to take an exam, he asks Bang-ja to retrieve a written promise he gave Chun-hyang about marrying her. However, Chun-hyang switches it with a confession letter she wrote and got Bang-ja to sign the night they first had sex.

In Seoul, Mong-ryong passes the exam and becomes a government official. He also meets Wol-mae, a former lover of Mr. Ma who is now a powerful courtesan. She tells him that she has a daughter who looks just like her, implying that she is Chun-hyang's mother. Meanwhile, Bang-ja follows Chun-hyang to Seoul and tries to win her back. He also learns martial arts from Byeon Hak-do, a master swordsman who has a grudge against Mong-ryong for killing his brother.

One day, Mong-ryong visits Chun-hyang's house and reads the confession letter. He realizes that she has been unfaithful to him and becomes furious. He orders Bang-ja to kill her, but he refuses and fights him instead. Byeon Hak-do intervenes and reveals that he is Chun-hyang's father, who abandoned her mother when she was pregnant. He also tells Mong-ryong that he is his half-brother, as they share the same father who was a notorious womanizer.

Mong-ryong and Byeon Hak-do duel to the death, while Bang-ja and Chun-hyang escape together. They are chased by Mong-ryong's men, but they manage to reach a boat and sail away. The film ends with Bang-ja saying that he does not know what happened to them afterwards, but he hopes that they lived happily ever after.


  • Kim Joo-hyuk as Bang-ja

  • Jo Yeo-jeong as Chun-hyang

  • Ryoo Seung-bum as Lee Mong-ryong

  • Ryu Hyun-kyung as Hyang-dan

  • Song Sae-byuk as Byeon Hak-do

  • Oh Dal-su as Mr. Ma

  • Gong Hyung-jin as Sunglasses (uncredited)

  • Lee Min-woong as Apprentice (uncredited)

  • Sim San as Jang Sa-chi

  • Jo Han-chul as Lodge Manager (uncredited)

  • Lee Je-hoon as Hanbok Designer (uncredited)

  • Um Tae-goo as Man (uncredited)

  • Choi Moo-sung as Kwang Cheon

  • Kim Sung-ryung as Wol-mae

  • Kim Sun-young as Gi-saeng

  • Oh Jung-se as Ho Bang

  • Jung Yang as Wol-rae

  • Jung Da-hye as Servant Flirting with Potato

  • Moon Won-ju as Mal-ho


The film was a box office hit, receiving 3,014,523 admissions. It was also well received by critics, who praised its witty and humorous script, its erotic and sensual scenes, and its reinterpretation of the classic folktale. The film won several awards, including Best Screenplay at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Actress for Jo Yeo-jeong at the 8th Korean Film Awards, and Best New Actor for Kim Joo-hyuk at the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards.

If you are interested in watching this movie, you can find it on various streaming platforms, such as [The Roku Channel], [Tubi TV], [Pluto TV], and [Freevee]. However, please be aware that the movie is rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity, violence, and language. You can also watch the trailer on [IMDb].

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