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Immaculate Fools The Best Of

The Best Of Immaculate Fools: A Misleading Title for a Great Album

Immaculate Fools were a British rock band formed in 1984, known for their melodic and emotional songs that blended new wave, folk and pop influences. They had a loyal fan base in Europe, especially in Spain, where they relocated in 1991. They released seven studio albums before disbanding in 1997.

immaculate fools the best of

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In 1998, Spectrum Music, a subsidiary of Karussell International, released a compilation album titled The Best Of Immaculate Fools. However, this title is misleading, as the album is not really a comprehensive overview of the band's career. In fact, it is just a reissue of their sixth album, Dumb Poet, with one extra track added: "Immaculate Fools", their debut single from 1984.

Dumb Poet was originally released in 1991 by A&M Records, and it was the first album to feature the new line-up of the band after the departure of founding members Andy Ross and Peter Ross. The album was produced by Kevin Weatherill and recorded in Spain and England. It showcases the band's mature and refined sound, with rich arrangements, acoustic guitars, keyboards and saxophones. The lyrics deal with themes of love, loss, hope and despair.

The album contains some of the band's finest songs, such as "Never Give Less Than Everything", "Tragic Comedy", "One Minute", "Don't Drive The Hope From My Heart" and "Pretty Prize Now". The added track, "Immaculate Fools", is a classic example of their early style, with a catchy chorus and a simple but effective guitar riff. It was a minor hit in the UK and a major one in Spain.

The Best Of Immaculate Fools is a great album for those who want to discover or revisit the band's music, but it is not a representative sample of their entire discography. For that purpose, a better option would be to check out their first three albums: Immaculate Fools (1985), Hearts Of Fortune (1986) and Another Man's World (1988), which contain some of their most popular and acclaimed songs.

Immaculate Fools were a talented and underrated band that deserved more recognition and success. Their music is timeless and heartfelt, and it still resonates with listeners today. If you are looking for some quality rock music with a touch of soul and emotion, you should give them a try.

Immaculate Fools: A Reunion and a New Album

In 2015, Kevin Weatherill decided to revive the Immaculate Fools name and reformed the band with new members. He was joined by Linda Lamb (vocals), Paco CharlÃn (bass), Max GÃmez (drums), Harry Price (violin) and Phil Andrews (guitar, keyboards, mandolin). The new line-up started to perform live shows in Spain and other countries, playing both old and new songs.

In 2018, the band released a new album titled Stardust and Water. The album was recorded in Galicia, Spain and produced by Kevin Weatherill himself. It features 11 original songs that showcase the band's diverse and mature sound, with influences from folk, rock, blues and soul. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Some of the highlights of the album are "The Hunger", a haunting and atmospheric song that deals with addiction and loneliness; "The River", a catchy and uplifting song that celebrates life and nature; "Stardust", a beautiful and tender ballad that expresses gratitude and love; "The Only One", a powerful and emotional song that confronts betrayal and forgiveness; and "The Fool", a fun and ironic song that revisits the band's name and history.

Stardust and Water is a testament to the band's creativity and resilience, and a proof that they still have something to say and offer to their loyal fans and new listeners. c481cea774


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