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The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Enjoying Frankito Lopes' "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12" Album

Frankito Lopes: The Story Behind His Lost Album "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12"

Frankito Lopes was a Brazilian singer and composer who became famous for his romantic and sentimental songs. He was also known as the "King of Brega", a genre of popular music that mixes elements of bolero, rock, forró and sertanejo.

frankito lopes Vivendo longe do meu bem vol 12 rar

One of his most successful albums was "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12", released in 1997. The album contains 12 tracks, including the hit song "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem", which talks about the pain of being away from his beloved one. The album also features other songs such as "Eu Sou um Sofredor", "Era um Garoto que Como eu Amava os Beatles e os Rolling Stones", "Meia e Feia Feia e Meia", "Professora", "Penas de Minha Alma", "Vai com Deus", "Ciganinha Bonita", "Caprichosa", "Linda", "Nete" and "Desisto".

However, this album is very rare and hard to find nowadays. It was not widely distributed and sold at the time, and many copies were lost or damaged over the years. The album is considered a collector's item by Frankito Lopes' fans, who are willing to pay high prices to get their hands on it.

Fortunately, there are some ways to listen to this album online. You can stream or download it from platforms such as SuaMúsica, YouTube, TIDAL or Jaxsta. You can also find more information about the album and its credits on these websites.

If you are a fan of Frankito Lopes or brega music, you should definitely check out this album. It is a masterpiece of his career and a testament of his talent and passion. You will not regret it!

Who was Frankito Lopes?

Frankito Lopes was born on April 26, 1939, in Piracanjuba, Goiás. He was a descendant of indigenous people from Pará, and grew up in the Bananal Island, in the south of Goiás. He started his musical career in the 1960s, as part of a country duo called Branquinho e Senin (Frankito Lopes). He later moved to Pará, where he became popular with his romantic and sentimental songs. He was nicknamed "The Passionate Indian" by his fans.

Frankito Lopes recorded more than 15 albums in his career, and had many hits such as "Fruto de um Romance", "Quero Dormir em Teus Braços", "Parabéns Pra Minha Dor", "Caminhando Sozinho", "Explode Coração", "Bar da Boemia" and "Vou Te Levar Na Tribo". He also participated in the TV show of Bolinha, a famous Brazilian presenter. His songs were covered by many other artists, such as Amado Batista, Reginaldo Rossi, Odair José and Waldick Soriano.

Frankito Lopes died on November 27, 2008, in Goiânia, due to a heart attack and liver cirrhosis. He was 69 years old. He left behind a daughter and grandchildren. His fans mourned his loss and celebrated his legacy as one of the greatest singers of brega music.

What is brega music?

Brega music is a genre of popular music that originated in Brazil in the 1960s. It mixes elements of bolero, rock, forró and sertanejo. It is characterized by its simple and catchy melodies, sentimental lyrics and low-budget production. It is often considered as kitsch, vulgar or low-quality by critics and mainstream media, but it has a large and loyal audience among the lower classes and the rural areas of Brazil.

Brega music has many subgenres and variations, such as brega romântico, brega pop, brega funk, tecnobrega and arrocha. Some of the most famous artists of brega music are Waldick Soriano, Reginaldo Rossi, Odair José, Amado Batista, Falcão, Banda Calypso and Joelma. Brega music has also influenced other genres such as MPB, rock and rap.

How did Frankito Lopes influence brega music?

Frankito Lopes was one of the pioneers and innovators of brega music. He introduced elements of rock, forró and sertanejo to his songs, creating a unique and original style. He also used his indigenous roots and identity as a source of inspiration and expression. He sang about love, passion, suffering, betrayal and nostalgia, with a simple and direct language that touched the hearts of his listeners.

Frankito Lopes influenced many other artists of brega music, who followed his footsteps and admired his work. He was also respected and recognized by artists of other genres, such as MPB, rock and rap. His songs have been covered, sampled and referenced by many musicians, such as Amado Batista, Reginaldo Rossi, Odair José, Waldick Soriano, Falcão, Banda Calypso, Joelma, Racionais MC's and Criolo.

Why is Frankito Lopes' album "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12" so special?

Frankito Lopes' album "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12" is considered one of his best works and a masterpiece of brega music. It was released in 1997, when Frankito Lopes was already a well-established and successful singer. The album contains 12 tracks that showcase his talent and versatility as a composer and performer. The songs range from romantic ballads to upbeat tunes, with catchy melodies and lyrics that reflect his feelings and experiences.

The album also has a sentimental value for Frankito Lopes' fans, as it was one of his last recordings before his death in 2008. The album is a testament of his legacy and contribution to Brazilian music and culture. It is a rare and precious item that deserves to be listened to and appreciated by anyone who loves brega music or Frankito Lopes.


Frankito Lopes was a legendary singer and composer of brega music, who left a mark on Brazilian music and culture. His album "Vivendo Longe do Meu Bem Vol 12" is one of his finest works and a rare gem that deserves to be discovered and enjoyed by anyone who loves brega music or Frankito Lopes. The album is a collection of songs that express his passion, talent and identity as the "Passionate Indian". It is also a tribute to his life and career, which ended too soon but left a legacy that will never be forgotten. b99f773239


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