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Pes 2013 Kitserver - V13.0.1.0 13 ^HOT^

Cara baixa a versão proper reload ok ? ai se faz tudo que o cara ensinou lá em cima ... baixando o kit server o pes edit e tal , e no skidrow sempre quando eu baixava o kitserver dava a msg de erro (6005) e tal... , dps de baixar a versão proper reload não deu esse erro e o kitserver arrumou o outro erro que fechava sozinho, tenta isso ;) qualquer duvida fala ae !

Pes 2013 Kitserver - V13.0.1.0 13

Features:1. change Camera Position ( Height, near Side and far Side )2. change Camera Angle3. change Camera Angle Modulator4. import Hidden PES 2013 Camera Types5. import PES 2010 Cameras6. import PES 2011 Cameras

PES 2013 Kitserver General Features:Version module : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides, fserv, kservSupport : PES2013 demo 1, PES2013 v1.00, PES2013 v1.01, PES2013 v1.02, PES2013 v1.03,

1. Make a backup before.2. Open pes2013.exe3. Select a league from available leagues combo box:4. Relink the selected league:- Relink Flag- Relink composition league (from dt0f.img unnamed_1982):- Relink emblem (from dt04.img or dt06.img):Press APPLY, dont forget save!5. Save the exe file.

Make that hard to change songs in PES 2013, because they have to take steps long and complicated, like convert, rename songs, copy to kitserver, folder locker. Now with these simple tools, we can change the song in PES 2013, with easy and fast.

1. Download this tool2. Extract it where ever3. Install to your PES 2013 directory4. Start via PES 2013 Selector Tool by Ginda01.exe5. Change tracklist PES 2013 to your favourit music6. Enjoy this tool

How to edit PES2013 sound effect with PES File Explorer :Sound effect can be found in img\dt03.imgExport it to HDD and rename unnamed##.bin to unnamed##.csbOpen with PES File Explorer and follow this tutorial


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