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Addams Family Values

With the kids out of the way, Debbie marries Uncle Fester, then promptly tries to kill him on their Hawaiian honeymoon by electrocuting him in the bathtub. However, our electrified Uncle Fester survives and mistakes her murderous actions for ordinary affection. Debbie denies him sex until he promises never to see his family again. In anguish, he agrees. The couple moves into a garish mansion in the suburbs.

Addams Family Values


An ailing Gomez tells Uncle Fester that he is "Mr. Debbie!" but Fester declares, "I AM AN ADDAMS!" Gomez is instantly cured hearing this, and the baby reverts back to his dark, gloomy self. Pugsley and Wednesday return as well, but just then an angry Debbie bursts into the room to kill all the Addamses and take the money. She straps everyone except Pubert to electric chairs and uses slides to tell how she came to be. She killed her parents on her tenth birthday because they did not buy her the Ballerina Barbie doll she wanted. She killed her first husband, a heart surgeon, with an axe (reminding Granny Frump of old times) because he was too busy to dine with her (because of the Pope having a cold), and ran over her second husband, a senator, with her car because he would not buy her a new Mercedes-Benz (as they had "to set an example"). Uncle Fester begs Debbie to kill just him and let his family go, but she rejects his offer. Pubert short-circuits the wiring just as she throws the switch, saving the family and causing Debbie to electrocute herself.

The first film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and released in 1991, focuses on the family's search for Gomez's missing brother, Fester (Christopher Lloyd). Fester's return leads to a joyful reunion between the brothers. However, all is not as it seems: Fester's scheming "mother" (Elizabeth Wilson) is working with a money hungry lawyer (Dan Hedaya) on a plot to steal the family's fortune. This causes problems for the family and Hilarity Ensues.

It was successful enough that a sequel, Addams Family Values, was released in 1993, which added a new child (Pubert) and a new love interest for Fester in the form of Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack), the children's new nanny who drives a wedge between Fester and the rest of the family.

Gomez (Raúl Juliá) and Morticia Addams (Anjelica Huston) welcome the birth of their third child, Pubert (Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper). Older siblings Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) are antagonistic toward their new baby brother and attempt to kill him several times, but Pubert fortuitously survives each attempt. Worried by this behavior, Gomez and Morticia seek out a nanny to help look after the children. After Wednesday and Pugsley scare off the first few applicants, Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack) is hired. Gomez's brother Fester (Christopher Lloyd) is immediately infatuated with her. Unbeknownst to the family, Debbie is a serial killer known as "The Black Widow" who seeks out wealthy bachelors, marries them and then murders them on their wedding night, making the deaths appear accidental so that she inherits their fortunes.

Meanwhile, Debbie advances her plot to seduce Fester: she professes to love him, but claims to be a virgin and says they cannotconsummate their relationship until marriage, prompting Fester to propose. Wednesday and Pugsley are distraught at the news and try to escape from camp, while Gary and Becky repeatedly attempt to get them to be peppy. They are allowed to attend the wedding, and Wednesday brings Joel along. At the wedding, the family is surprised by Cousin Itt and his wife Margret, who have recently had their first child, a baby girl named What.

On their honeymoon, Debbie attempts to electrocute Fester by dropping a radio into the bathtub with him, but he is unaffected. Frustrated by his resilience, Debbie uses her sexual hold over Fester to manipulate him into severing all ties with his family. The two move into a lavish mansion and when Gomez, Morticia, Grandmama (Carol Kane) and butler Lurch (Carel Struycken) attempt to visit, Debbie forbids them from seeing Fester. Pubert soon goes through dramatic changes, which Grandmama determines ispossession, a condition brought on by anxiety over Fester's separation from the family and from the separation from his siblings.

At Pubert's first birthday party, Uncle Fester becomes enamored with Cousin Itt's daughter's new nanny Dementia. Wednesday and Joel visit Debbie's grave in the family cemetery; Wednesday says that if she wanted to kill her husband, she would simply scare him to death. As Joel lays flowers on the grave, a hand (most likely Thing) shoots up from the ground and grabs and terrifies him while Wednesday gives a satisfied smirk.

Later on, Morticia puts him in his crib. Wednesday and Pugsley start worrying about the tradition that when a baby comes, one of the older children must die. Wednesday then says they need only one boy, much to Pugsley's dismay. They then watch the family crowd around Pubert and watch as he shoots a flaming arrow. Wednesaday then twists the head off a doll, foreshadowing their upcoming sibling rivalry.

The family employs several nannies, but the kids scare them away, until they employ Debbie Jellinsky. The children trick Pubert into crawling under an anvil, and drop it, but Debbie picks him up and walks away before it can crush him. Later on, Wednesday spies on Debbie and Pubert. Oddly enough, shortly after, she seems to take offense to Debbie calling Pubert a brat.

After Fester Addams leaves the family for Debbie, he becomes sick and turns normal, with fair skin and blonde hair. However, when Fester returns, finding out Debbie is a serial killer who plans to kill him and steal his fortune, Pubert returns to normal. The family is captured by Debbie, and Pubert uses a knife to cut out of his crib and ends up soaring through the air and into the house Debbie and the Addamses are in. As Debbie pulls a lever to electricute the family, Pubert connects the wires, sending the electricity to Debbie, killing her. He then laughs as he sees the ashes that were once Debbie.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, Values never misses a beat. It epitomises everything that is so good about the Addams Family: not just that they are so spooky, but that they are, in many ways, the perfect family unit.

Deborah "Debbie" Jellinsky is the main antagonist of the 1993 sequel Addams Family Values. She is a serial killer and black widow who marries men out of money and not out of love. She married Fester Addams only because she knows the Addams family are rich.

Unlike the psychotic but openly dark Adamses, she tends to hide her insanity even to herself by acting like a loving and tender person. She conned the whole family into hiring her under the impression that Debbie is from a babysitting agency.

She then holds the rest of the Addams family captive and ends up trying to electrocute them, only to end up electrocuted herself and reduced to dust when the Addam's newborn baby Pubert connects the wires together and reverses the current. 041b061a72


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