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DIY Gimbal For The Raspberry Pi Camera

If one wants a stabilized video feed from a drone, a gimbal setup is the way to go. However, the cheaper offerings are all rather similar, suited to a certain size and type of drone. [Jean] was building a smaller craft, so set out to create his own design specifically fit for purpose.

DIY Gimbal For The Raspberry Pi Camera

I created rpi-deep-pantilt as an interactive demo of object detection in the wild, and in this article, I'll show you how to reproduce the video below, which depicts a camera panning and tilting to track my movement across a room.

We need a special app for our phone that will receive the incoming camera stream and display the video on your phone. The app we will be using in this article is RaspberryPi Camera Viewer by EffiSoft. Download and install the app to your phone off the Google Play Store here: =pl.effisoft.rpicamviewer2.

After adjusting all the settings, simply scroll to the bottom of the app and click the SAVE button to save all your changes. In the next few steps we will setup the Raspberry Pi to connect to our hotspot, use the camera, and stream the video.

As a new pilot, you are likely going to crash your quadcopter. And when crashing your quadcopter you can damage components. Hence why I recommend removing the gimbal and camera to prevent damaging expensive components during crashes.

To remove the gimbal from the frame remove the nuts from the four bolts that secure it to the frame. When doing so make sure that the gimbal does not fall, hold the gimbal in one hand and loosen the bolts with the other hand. After removing the four nuts the gimbal should simply slide out of the frame.

I then tightened a nut on each bolt such that they were secured with the gimbal. To attach the gimbal to the frame I slid the bolts into the two open rows on the front extension of the frame and top them off with one more nut each (see below for what the gimbal looks like when it is bolted to the front of the frame).

In order for the FeiYu Tech Mini-3D Gimbal to function it must receive power from the battery. I created an extension cord for the battery connector and cut off the JST connector from the gimbal power cord and then soldered the power cord to the extension cord. The extension cord consists of a male T-Connector on one end, a female T-Connector on the opposite end, and the gimbal power cable soldered in the middle. Using an extension cord and not soldering the gimbal power directly to the power distribution board you are able to remove the gimbal from the frame for easier transport or if you wish to fly without the gimbal.

The Xiaomi Yi camera used in this project is slightly bigger than the GoPro for which this gimbal was designed for. But if you screw in the bottom bolt of the brace first and then the top part you can still fit the Xiaomi Yi camera without any modifications to the gimbal.

Hey everyone! So I wanted to put my pi cam into a gimbal. The problem was I wanted the raspberry pi separately on the body of the drone to reduce the weight on the gimbal head. Though I have seen exposed ribbon cables to bridge this gap by other people, it lacks flexibility or durability. The original plan was to purchase a wire wound ribbon cable like below:m071077p01wl600600 44.1 KBHowever, soldering it would be a total pain in the butt.

So I decided to use a sharp knife and carefully split out each strand of the ribbon cable20211009_224243119203413 830 KBI had concerns about the copper being exposed and shorting each other, but it appears there is sufficient white enamel to keep the edges insulated because I could not see raw copper on any of the separated strands. Multiple light passes between each copper strand prevents cutting into the copper on accident. Because it forms a slight ridge, with moderate precision the knifepoint will almost follow along the ridge making the job easier.I double-checked the camera still worked fine with the modification, and surprisingly it did!20211009_194958119201080 210 KB

A small black box with a microcomputer inside allows you to remotely control the camera, output a video stream via HDMI, stream video on a local network or over the Internet. And many other possibilities ...

Cosmostreamer connects to DJI Pocket 2 and receives video and telemetry, which are then transmitted to the control program or/and to the HDMI output. Cosmostreamer also accepts commands from the control program or from specialized devices and converts them into commands for the camera.

Found the board startup and configuration files located in Firmware/boards/px4/raspberrypi/ but could not figure out how and where the Raspberry Pi GPIOs have been configured. Which file configures the pin assignment?

Hello, I'm developping a drone with vslam ability.Normally, helicopter shot drone has gimbal camera with hanging style.but, it is not suitable to narrow space cognition.Threfore, I did mod a cheap gimbal unit to up style.Play a below movie.

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