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The Fault is considered an anomaly because the Chernobyl area is not a tectonically or volcanically active area. The extensive underground tunnel network featured in all three games suggests that the Fault is a crack in these underground networks, above what further investigation suggests is a massive or highly concentrated cluster of Burners and various heat based anomalies, that has grown intense enough to burst the soil and create a natural vent.

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Two Faults appear in Zaton. The first is known as the Boiler anomaly, and features temperatures that aren't nearly as high as Burner fields, but instead of shooting up fire when activated, it shoots up steam of extreme temperatures. Effects are similar to Burner anomalies. The cracks are much deeper than a normal Fault, and their bases contain boiling water. The second is known as the Circus Anomaly, which features a normal Fault with the same artifacts as the Boiler, but includes two moving Comets running circles in opposite directions around the Fault.The third one is located in Yanov and called Bitumen Anomaly, belonging to the second type. Is is by far the biggest one, with traversible cracks.The last Fault is located in Pripyat and is known as the Volcano. It essentially is a large cluster of Burner anomalies in a crater in the middle of a basketball court. It is the only one without the ambient heat.


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