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Free Download Alpha And Omega 5: Family Vacation

The film opens up with Kate, Humphrey and the pups, who are on their way to Alfred Creek Falls for their first family vacation together. The pups - especially Claudette - are feeling lonely for not bringing the other animals, but Kate reminds them that it's their first vacation to share experiences. Claudette has a flashback of her and Fleet from the third film and ends up embarrassing herself in front of her family. Kate feels uncomfortable from this and Runt starts teasing Claudette for her infatuation with Fleet. Stinky suggests his plan for creating a wolf park to supervise the young wolves, but Humphrey disowns it, much to Stinky's dismay. After this, they continue their trip but eventually come across two female wolves running to hide from human wolf trappers. The wolves inform Kate and Humphrey that the trappers are trapping wolves and wolf pups to relocate them on the other side of the country, and that all the other wolves are hiding in the mountains near the border. The two wolves are captured when they try to escape. Humphrey suggests going across the border to escape the trappers, as Kate senses the Canadian express they used before.

free download Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation

As they travel on the road, Kate and Humphrey start to worry about Runt's sprained ankle, but the trappers once again catch up to them. Just as they are about to shoot the wolves (who are hiding in a small rock den), Runt and the porcupines scare them away. The next day, the animals reach the same RV from before. They encounter Garn and Debbie, the woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Garn. She decides to shelter the animals for the day. The wolf trappers arrive and ask her if she has seen the wolves, but she denies it while the animals hide. When they leave, Humphrey instructs Debbie to drive them to Idaho, where the trappers won't follow them anymore. Debbie also mentions she was planning on driving to Idaho, so she takes them there, but the wolf trappers spot them again. A car chase ensues and eventually Debbie drives in the forest to let the animals free, but the trappers catch up and follow them. Debbie notices the two female wolves from earlier in crates and frees them. Just as they reach Idaho, the wolf trappers start shooting at them, with Runt falling behind. In order to save his family, Humphrey tells Kate once again to lead the pups to safety, while he turns around and attacks the trappers.


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