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Buy Rip Curl Wetsuit

Rip Curl offer a 3 year warranty on all their wetsuit stitching and a 12 month warranty on wetsuit materials. These warranties only apply to wetsuits purchased from authorised Rip Curl retailers (with purchase receipt from an authorised retailer).

buy rip curl wetsuit

The company was founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, and initially produced surfboards. In 1970, they decided to begin production of wetsuits, with an emphasis on transforming diving technology into a wetsuit suitable for surfing.[citation needed] Alan Green (co-founder of Quiksilver) was a Rip Curl employee in 1969 and developed the first Quiksilver boardshorts at the Rip Curl Factory in April 1970.[4]

Best price guarantee: Find an identical wetsuit cheaper elsewhere and we'll beat it. Just email with the details. Order by 1pm & we ship today.

There is a small side pocket with a cable to attach the battery. You put the battery into the pocket and zip it. Battery has a large button which operates the heating and can be in theory pressed and turned on with wetsuit gloves through the wetsuit neoprene and through the vest neoprene.

Hi K I have bought one from Australia windsurf shop and it works very well. Then I bought one from online and the battery does not charge after five uses. It turned out the adapter broke. Do you know where I can buy another battery + adapter? The adapter has AquaTech brand. While the battery has ripcurl sign. Regards

Rip Curl have been market leaders in surfing wetsuits for over 30 years, and their Elastomax and SlickSkin technologies have set the standard for wetsuits of the future. Now the Flash Bomb is making all the headlines with the inside polypro lining and the neoprene having the addition of Flash Dry lining. This makes it one of the warmest winter wetsuits in the world and certainly one of the most flexible. This lining has now been introduced to the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol chest and back zip wetsuits.

Rip Curl wetsuits was born in the oceans of Australia where surfing is more a lifestyle than a hobby. Even though Australia benefits from warm summers and warm waters surfers so got cold in the winter months. So Charlie Bartlett and Brian Singer invented the first Rip Curl wetsuits, so they could surf for longer without getting cold. Since that time Rip Curl developed into a worldwide company offering clothing and a lifestyle brand but have always kept on pushing the limits of wetsuit design and technology.

Born at Bells Beach in 1969, Rip Curl's vision is to be regarded as the Ultimate Surfing Company in all that we do. Our online surf shop has apparel, gear, and other accessories so you can be ready for any adventure. Explore our line-up of quality wetsuits, boardshorts, bikinis, tide watches, and more.

With so many options, it can be hard to decide what thickness of wetsuit to go for but ultimately, it depends on the temperature of the water you are going to be surfing in and your tolerance to the cold.

Check out our handy wetsuit temperature chart above to help you decide which thickness would be most suitable depending on the water temperature. You can easily check the water temperature in your local area online with a quick google search.

- 6mm / 6.5mm (Under 6C) - Winter sea temperatures are at their coolest during March in the UK. If you are out surfing in the coldest of conditions, we recommend a wetsuit thickness of at least 6mm with hoods, boots and gloves unless you want to lose feeling in your hands and toes and enjoy the feeling of brain freeze!

A great example is the Xcel Infiniti X2 6/5mm hooded wetsuit. Look for a suit with fully taped seams, waterproof zippers, a built-in hood, wrist and ankle seals, flexible neoprene and high-quality chest panels.

The Xcel Infiniti X2 6/5mm hooded wetsuit has Celliant Black High Pile with hollow fibre lining from chest to knees and High Pile Celliant Black jacquard sleeves and lower leg lining making this wetsuit incredibly comfortable, toasty, and warm.

We recommend the O'Neill Psycho Tech 5/4+mm wetsuit, this wetsuit still remains super flexible despite being super warm due to the insulating due to the TechnoButter 3 Air-Firewall in the chest and back. As with the 6mm wetsuits, it is important to ensure your wetsuit has fully taped seams, waterproof zippers, wrist and ankle seals, flexible neoprene and high-quality chest panels.

One of our most popular wetsuits is the Vissla 7 Seas Chest Zip 4/3mm wetsuit. This wetsuit is available with or without a hood and with its quick-dry and thermal properties it makes the perfect steamer for Autumn and Spring.

As the water will still be rather cold at this time of year you want to make sure your wetsuit has taped or welded seams as well as wrist and ankle seals to prevent cold water flushing through your suit.

The O'Neill Hyperfreak Chest Zip 3/2mm wetsuit is one of our bestselling 3mm wetsuits; made from super lightweight TechnoButter 3 neoprene. This summer wetsuit will happily take you from Spring right through to Autumn here in the UK and would be a great choice for a Southern European/Canarian winter season.

For ladies, the Hurley Ladies Advantage Chest Zip 3/2mm is incredibly popular. This wetsuit is lighter than ever and one of the very best looking and performing women's summer wetsuits available at this price point. You're getting a stunning ladies summer wetsuit for the price, made from the latest performance materials and using the most up-to-date construction techniques.

It may be the most expensive option, but because the life expectancy of a wetsuit is based on how much it is used, each suit will last you much longer (providing you clean and store them properly!), so the cost balances out over time.

If you're spending most of your time surfing in the UK you would be best suited to getting a really good 5mm suit and an economy 3mm suit, as you'll find you'll use the 5mm wetsuit approximately 7-9 months out of the year and the 3mm the rest of the time. 041b061a72


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