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Mujhe Is Duniya Mein Laya: A Song of Gratitude to Parents

Mujhe Is Duniya Mein Laya: A Song of Gratitude to Parents

Mujhe Is Duniya Mein Laya is a Hindi song that expresses gratitude and respect to one's parents for bringing them into this world and teaching them how to speak and walk. The song is sung by Daya, a popular singer and composer in India. The lyrics of the song are written by Dayanidhi, who also arranged the music on Smule, a social singing app.

mujhe is duniya me laya mujhe bolna chalna sikhaya song lyrics

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The song begins with the chorus, which says:

Mujhe is duniya mein laya

Mujhe bolna chalna sikhaya

O maat pita tumhe Vandan

Maine kismat se tumhe paya

This translates to:

You brought me into this world

You taught me how to speak and walk

O mother and father, I salute you

I got you by luck

The song then goes on to describe how the parents have been a source of love, protection, guidance, and support for their child throughout their life. The singer says that he will never disappoint his parents or make them cry, and that he sees God in their form. He also says that even the gods cannot repay the debt of their parents, and that he will try his best to fulfill his duty towards them.

The song is a beautiful tribute to the bond between parents and children, and a reminder of the sacrifices and blessings that parents give to their offspring. The song has a soothing melody and a heartfelt voice that touches the listener's emotions. The song can be found on Smule's website[^1^] or on YouTube[^2^] [^3^].

The song Mujhe Is Duniya Mein Laya is not only a personal expression of gratitude, but also a reflection of the cultural values and traditions of India. In India, parents are revered as the first and foremost teachers and gurus of their children. They are expected to provide them with moral, spiritual, and material education and guidance. Children, in turn, are expected to respect, obey, and serve their parents throughout their lives. The song captures this sentiment of mutual love and duty that binds the Indian family together.

The song also resonates with the listeners who may have moved away from their parents due to various reasons, such as education, work, marriage, or migration. The song reminds them of their roots and their connection with their parents, who may be living far away or may have passed away. The song evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing for the childhood days when the parents were always there to nurture and protect their children. The song also inspires them to express their gratitude and appreciation to their parents while they are still alive, and to honor their memory after they are gone.

The song Mujhe Is Duniya Mein Laya is a simple yet profound song that touches the hearts of millions of people who have experienced the love and care of their parents. The song is a tribute to the parents who have given their children the gift of life and taught them how to live it well. The song is a celebration of the parents who have shaped their children's personalities and destinies. The song is a prayer for the parents who have blessed their children with their presence and guidance. e0e6b7cb5c


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