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Ultimate Guide to Esports Betting at W88

Esports is a term used to describe competitive video gaming where players face off against each other to advance in rankings and achieve the highest possible positions in the game.

In previous years, Esports were often viewed as a waste of time and not very beneficial. However, in recent years, Esports have gained global recognition as a professional sport. It has been officially included in worldwide sports competition systems.

Many countries now host major Esports tournaments, attracting a large number of professional gamers and offering prize pools worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Today, Esports features a variety of popular games loved by many gamers, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Starcraft II, and CS-GO.

Esports betting simply means predicting which team will win a match or tournament. Each game has different forms of betting. Generally, Esports betting includes forms like betting on the first team to make an achievement, betting on the match duration, betting on the championship team, betting on the winning team, and over/under betting on a certain number of matches or handicap betting.

Esports Betting at W88

As a leading and reputable betting platform pioneering in Esports betting, bookmaker w88 has gained significant attention from its members. The platform offers a wide variety of quality betting products such as sports betting, online casinos, and now Esports betting.

Esports betting at W88 provides numerous choices for players with top tournaments such as League of Legends, Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, and DotA 2.

These major tournaments are where players can participate in predictions. Esports also features various betting forms similar to sports betting or football, such as betting on the first team to win, over/under betting, and betting on the first team to make an achievement.

With high betting odds and significant payout rates, players can easily receive their winnings in their accounts thanks to W88’s extremely fast payout speed.

Major Options in Esports Betting

Esports offers various popular betting options that you can participate in, such as:

Real Money Betting: This form of betting is quite similar to betting on football, basketball, and golf. Players can place real money bets with agreed-upon odds, and W88, a reputable betting platform, will pay out if the player makes the correct choice.

Skin Betting: Also known as virtual item betting, this involves betting items within the virtual system between players.

Social Betting: This is a fun betting style among players within the gaming community or among friends, which can involve real money or skins.

Fantasy Betting: This involves assembling a fantasy team and competing based on the performance of real players.

Challenge Betting: This involves players competing against each other, where the winner receives money, skins, or virtual items.

Types of Bets in Esports Betting

Match Duration Bet: This involves betting on whether the match will last longer or shorter than approximately 25 minutes. This type of bet is not very popular as it is difficult to accurately predict the duration of a match between two teams unless there is a significant skill gap.

First to 5 Kills Bet: Based on the playing style of both teams, you can predict which team will reach 5 kills first. This type of bet is favored by many players.

First Achievement Bet: This type of bet is somewhat luck-based, so you should carefully consider before participating. Even strong teams might not be able to secure the first achievement within the first 5-10 minutes of the match.

First Match Winner Bet: Based on your understanding of the two teams' playing styles, you can bet on which team will win the first match. Generally, it is advisable to choose the team with lower betting odds. Often, Korean teams have excellent strategies and playing styles.

Handicap Betting: You set a handicap bet where one team is given an advantage or disadvantage.

Championship Bet: This is the final bet type and concludes all 5 matches. With up to 5 matches, the chance for an upset is high. Therefore, you need to carefully consider before placing your bet.

How to Bet on Esports at W88

After understanding what Esports betting is and the types of bets in Esports betting, you might feel more confident in participating. So, how do you bet on Esports at W88? Let's follow the steps below:

Access W88 Mobile: Log in to your betting account on the W88 mobile link.

If you do not have a betting account at W88, create your account at w88 immediately by clicking on the "Join Now" green icon at the top right corner of the screen and follow the system instructions.

Log In and Deposit Funds: After logging into your betting account successfully, if there are no funds in the account, directly choose "Sports" -> "Esports" -> select the electronic sport you want to participate in -> choose the tournament -> place a bet.

If you do not have funds, you need to deposit money into your betting account.

Place Your Bet: Move your mouse to select the betting odds and simultaneously choose the team you favor or think will win the tournament. After entering the amount you want to bet, click "Place Bet" to complete.

Additional Sections

How to Register on W88

To start betting on W88, you need to create an account. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Visit the W88 Website: Go to the official W88 website using a verified link.

Click on Register: Find and click the 'Register' button, usually located at the top right corner of the homepage.

Fill in Your Details: Provide the necessary information such as your full name, email address, phone number, and desired username and password.

Verify Your Account: Check your email for a verification link from W88. Click on this link to verify your account.

Login: After verification, log in to your account using your chosen username and password.

How to Deposit Funds into Your W88 Account

Depositing funds into your W88 account is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Log In to Your Account: Use your credentials to log in to the W88 website.

Go to the Banking Section: Navigate to the banking or cashier section of your account.

Select Deposit: Choose the deposit option.

Choose a Payment Method: Select from various payment methods such as bank transfer, e-wallets, or credit/debit cards.

Enter Deposit Amount: Specify the amount you wish to deposit.

Complete the Transaction: Follow the instructions to complete your deposit. Your funds should be available in your W88 account shortly.

How to Withdraw Funds from Your W88 Account

Withdrawing your winnings from W88 is simple. Here’s how:

Log In to Your Account: Access your W88 account with your username and password.

Go to the Banking Section: Head to the banking or cashier section.

Select Withdraw: Choose the withdraw option.

Enter Withdrawal Details: Provide the necessary details, including the amount you wish to withdraw and your preferred how to w88 withdraw method.

Submit Your Request: Confirm and submit your withdrawal request. The processing time may vary depending on the withdrawal method chosen.

Promotions at W88

W88 offers a variety of attractive promotions for both new and existing members:

Welcome Bonus: New members can receive a welcome bonus on their first deposit, which can be up to 25,000,000 VND.

Daily Cashback: Every day, W88 offers a "Unlimited Cashback up to 1.5%" promotion.

Sports Betting Bonus: When participating in sports betting, players can receive a maximum bonus of $130 on their first deposit.

Special Promotions: W88, sponsored by the Barcelona brand, offers many unique promotions related to this football team.


W88 has provided an insightful explanation of what Esports betting is and the common types of bets in Esports betting. We hope these shared insights help you understand more about this exciting new form of entertainment. Don’t forget to visit the W88 website to update yourself with more useful knowledge and enjoy a rewarding betting experience.


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