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This game is awesome! It's a must have for Wii owners! I just love how the boxers are more fleshed out and have alot to say during the fights. Newcomer Disco kid is hillarious and Aran ryan from the snes punch-out has been made into a psycho boxer. He gets in your face and taunts you while your down. I love it!


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Patients with acne scars want smooth facial skin. However, achieving this is difficult with dermabrasion or chemical peeling. Nor can acne scars be covered with cosmetics, due to their ice-picked or cobblestone appearance. Laser resurfacing is more effective and safer than other conventional methods due to its precision with depth control and variable methods of surface cutting. Even depth resurfacing with a laser shows unsatisfactory results, therefore, for the deep-sited acne scar the cutting methods have to be changed according to the depth and pattern of the scar. For 2 years, starting in January 1996, we treated 71 patients with a high-powered CO2 laser (Ultrapulse). Different resurfacing methods were applied according to the depth and pattern of the scars. For mild depressed scars, even depth resurfacing was done. For moderate-depth acne scars, the shoulder technique was also used. For the deepest and ice-picked scars, the laser punch-out was combined. Laser resurfacing was carried out at 300-500 mJ, with two to five passes. Laser punch-out was done at 500 mJ, with three to seven continuous passes on the ice-picked scar. From the pathologic findings of acne scars showing that there was thick intradermal scar, we knew that laser punch-out was necessary for improvement of acne scars. Depth-wide, the ice-picked scars improved by over 80% and the sharp demarcated margin of the acne scar faded out. Most of the patients with acne scars were satisfied with laser resurfacing. Only six patients had a second laser treatment, with an interval of 12 months. There were no hypertrophic scars after laser resurfacing, but erythema lasted for 3-12 months. Patients taking oral retinoic acid were not contraindicated for laser resurfacing but required special caution because they had atrophic skin and delayed wound healing. Laser resurfacing is the most versatile method for acne scars, with a high-powered CO2 laser. The laser punch-out method is better than even depth resurfacing for improving deep acne scars and can be combined with the shoulder technique or even depth resurfacing according to the type of acne scar. 041b061a72


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