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Satan's Sadists Hd Full Movie Download

This fabulously fetid flick may very well be the foulest, most offensive and utterly insalubrious hunk of disgusting biker exploitation junk to ever ooze its vile way onto celluloid. In fact, if this wonderfully rancid cheeseball was any more slimy and abhorrent, the negative would probably have fungus growing all over it. A thoroughly despicable gang of cheerfully repugnant Harley hounds led by a deliciously hammy Russ Tamblyn kill old geezers Kent Taylor and Scott Brady. They incur the wrath of take-charge, no-nonsense Vietnam veteran Gary Kent, spike a group of young girls' coffee with LSD and rape 'em while they're tripping, and generally conduct themselves in a rather distasteful, anti-social and unruly manner which could be most politely described as somewhat lacking in proper decorum. The remarkable Regina Carrol really ignites the screen with her searing portrayal of Tamblyn's delectable motorcycle mama Gina, "the freak-out girl" (Carrol's slutty tabletop dance at a grungy diner rates as a definite highlight). Future schlock movie director Greydon ("Without Warning") Clark also scores with his offbeat turn as Acid, a doped out of his skull biker whose brain has become irrevocably addled due to the ingestion of far too many sunshine tablets. Fellow future schlock movie director John "Bud" Cardos likewise impresses as Mohawk-sporting Native American biker Firewater. Gary Graver's chintzy cinematography captures the assorted sordid antics in all their ghastly glory. The opening credits theme song "Satan" smokes in no uncertain terms: "I was born mean/By the time I was twelve I was killin'/Killin' for Satan". This inarguable sludgewad masterpiece was made by the late, great Al Adamson, who also blessed us with such choice nickel'n'dime drive-in dross as "Dracula vs. Frankenstein," "The Female Bunch," and "Death Dimension."

Satan's Sadists hd full movie download

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Satan's Children is a brutal rape and revenge movie that involves a satanist cult story from 1974. It's full-on Grindhouse and exploitation at its finest, which means the story, budget, and performances are all lackluster to a laughable degree. But it took guts to make this movie and even tell something about gender issues and social culture about homosexuality, even if the message is buried deep down under a savage horror story. The 1080p HD image and the mono audio track are serviceable, but the bonus features are all worthwhile. For Fans Only!

Grindhouse cinema loves to fully exploit various subjects, whether it be women, nuns, minorities, monsters, and even rape and revenge culture. Back in the early '70s, many filmmakers created Grindhouse flicks on a minuscule budget that excited audiences across the nation during midnight screenings at drive-ins. In 1974, director Joe Wiezycki earned a few dollars and made a movie titled Satan's Children in Florida that followed a tortured teenage boy, a satanic cult, and a ton of rape and revenge. But with most Grindhouse movies, its shoestring budget, bad performances, laughable script, and shoddy effects, there are only a few minutes that are even fun to watch or have a bit of action.

Brewer said he donated 20 VHS copies of "The Poor & Hungry" to the store, but they all were stolen long ago. The drought will end in November, when the movie makes its debut on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download in a special edition from Brewer's BR2 Productions label.


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