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Khatta Meetha Movie ((HOT)) Download Hd Mp4 100

of course, the film will live or die on the lead pair's acting skills. and they deliver. first of all, we have akshay kumar. first of all, he looks great on screen. he delivers his lines. phew! he feels right at home in his role. and the character he plays is not something you see every day. he brings in a maturity and a believability that you will find difficult to forget. the way he acts will pull you into his character's plight. and when his character threatens to give out the other characters' secrets, you can't help but laugh. you empathise with his character. you see how helpless these people are. and you feel for them. but, more than anything else, you laugh at how he's portrayed in this film.

Khatta Meetha Movie Download Hd Mp4 100

the other lead is abhay deol. the guy is very believable as an inept, simple-hearted man who gets confused and exasperated by the constant dum-dumgery that appears out of nowhere. he doesn't know what to do. he doesn't know how to react in any situation. and when he takes on the role of a leader, there's a sincerity in his performance. he has the charisma to pull that off. he doesn't try to overdo it. he tries to not lose sight of the fact that he's no hard-as-nails or stone-hearted killer. he is someone you can easily get behind. and not in a throwaway kind of way, but in a welcoming, open, and conversational kind of way.

all said, if you're a die hard fan of nuvve kavvum, fida or tu-tu-main-main, khatta meetha does have some good comedy bits that make it worth watching. but that's not all, three lead actors are phenomenal. but the problem with those good comedy bits is that is seems really like a single shot gag each time. there's one scene with a running gag involving a mechanic and he's trying to figure out how to make 0.20 x 1.0=20.


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