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Bsr 2013 Sri Lanka Pdf Download __HOT__

although the majority of the strong performers in the region in the download speed experience and upload speed experience categories had strong performance throughout the year, cofaces efforts to increase its efforts to promote awareness and education about money laundering risks and terrorist financing are clear in the improvements seen in its aml/ft score. on 18 january 2013, coface held its first annual training session in colombo to educate individuals in cambodia, pakistan, indonesia and sri lanka on the aml/ft risks associated with the business-to-business (b2b) sector.

Bsr 2013 Sri Lanka Pdf Download

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operators in the region are increasingly focused on upload speeds to support online payments, online commerce and real-time communications services. for example, obelisk, the malaysian operator, reported a tremendous 464 percent increase in its average data rates last year and a 190 percent rise in its last quarter of 2012

thanks to its capacity upgrade and an increase in its coverage over the past 12 months. moreover, it is constantly introducing new products to meet the growing demand for mobile and data services in malaysia, such as its supernet service, a multilayer b2b mobile network that features international roaming capabilities and high broadband speeds. this type of network is indicative of the mobile operators competitive pressure to improve their networks in order to provide the high speeds that will enable consumers to consume mobile services in more sophisticated ways.

as more mobile operators in the region upgrade their infrastructure and roll out new services, they will inevitably face pressure to improve their own upload speeds, particularly in areas with little or no telcos existing infrastructure.


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