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Although the Star Wars stage was completed in early May 1979, it was too small to house the full-scale Rebel hangar and Dagobah sets, and an extension had to be funded and built.[53] The hangar scene involved 77 Rebel extras, costing 2,000 per day.[54] Around fifty tons of dendritic salt mixed with magnesium sulfate for a sparkle effect were used for the wintery set; the combination gave the cast and crew headaches.[55] The medical unit where Luke recuperates was built by British Aerospace. It contained 400 US gallons (1,500 L) of chlorinated water and Hamill used a scuba-like apparatus to breathe. Cinematographer Peter Suschitszky wanted the tank to be the scene's main illumination point and positioned an army searchlight below it and a mirror above. After a few days of filming the heat shattered the mirror, sending a large shard through the water only moments before Hamill entered it.[56]

Sparkle Model Sets 171173 New



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