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Only War Regiment Generator

Close Order DrillThe regiment has trained long and hard to operate in close formations, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their comrades. These close formations can respond quickly with overwhelming force, moving as a single entity, rather than a group of individuals.Cost: 2 pointsTalents: Combat Formation or Double Team

Only War Regiment Generator

Defenders of the FaithThis regiment is closely tied to the Adeptus Ministorum, the galaxy-spanning Ecclesiarchy that teaches the Imperial Truth and leads the worship of the Most Holy Emperor. This regiment is particularly pious in its devotions, and is sure to be accompanied by preachers, confessors, and other warriors representing the Ecclesiarchy. In battle, the soldiers of this regiment fight valiantly under the watchful eyes of the Ecclesiarchy and, should they be so blessed, the Emperor Himself.Cost: 2Characteristics: +3 WillpowerStarting Skills: Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed)Starting Talents: Unshakeable Faith

Defenders of the OmnissiahThis regiment is closely associated with the Adeptus Mechanicus. It might hail from a technologically advanced hive world or orbital station, or even one of the Lathe Worlds of the Calixis sector. Due to their lifelong exposure, soldiers from this regiment are much more comfortable with technology than most regiments would consider healthy, and quickly adapt to new technologies given the opportunity.Cost: 3 pointsStarting Aptitude: Tech

DemolitionistsThis regiment specialises in demolitions work, relying on powerful explosives and their precise application to bring down enemy fortifications or even to destroy vehicles or infantry formations. This doctrine could represent specialised siege training, or adapted skills from a mining background. Demolitionists often earn a reputation for recklessness, but usually maintain that their success and continued time amongst the living shows that they are, in fact, quite cautious and methodical in their work.Cost: 4 pointsCharacteristics: +2 IntelligenceStarting Skills: Tech-Use, Operate (Surface)Starting Talents: Nerves of SteelStandard Regimental Kit: One Cyclops demolition vehicle per Squad, and one respirator and one-kg demolition charge per Squad Member.Special: Due to their training and experience, characters from a demolitionists regiment gain an additional +10 bonuses to Tech-Use Tests made for the Demolitions special use of the Skill.

Die-HardsThe regiment is unyielding in the face of adversity, and will not falter amidst the fury of battle, no matter the horrors arrayed against them.Cost: 3 pointsStarting Aptitude: Toughness

Iron DisciplineThe regiment is well-known for its unyielding devotion to duty and absolute loyalty to superiors. No man will hesitate to act when ordered, nor will they falter when carrying out those orders. The expectations of the common infantryman, however, are such that shouldering the burden of command is to take on a great and solemn responsibility, and only the humblest and most serious-minded of officers can be entrusted with warriors so devoted.Cost: 3 pointsStarting Aptitude: Willpower

SappersThis regiment specialises in combat engineer duties, including erecting fortifications, building bridges and other structures, demolitions work, setting or clearing minefields, and tunnelling under enemy emplacements. While the soldiers lack the knowledge and ability of Tech-Priest Enginseers, they are trained to construct, build, and fortify, although they perform such tasks almost purely by rote. The Imperial Guard utilised many prefabricated structures, designed to be erected and emplaced with minimal time and skill.Sappers often go beyond the theoretical limits of their duties and abilities, learning to use whatever is to hand when resources become scarce. While such actions might violate Departmento Munitorum edicts, they are often overlooked by officers so long as the results are worthwhile.Cost: 3 pointsCharacteristics: +2 IntelligenceStarting Skills: Security, Tech-Use, Trade (Technomat)Starting Talents: Technical KnockStandard Regimental Kit: One lascutter per Player Character.Special: Sappers are trained to both build and disassemble fortifications, undermine walls, and similar duties. Characters from this regiment gain a +10 bonus to Tech- Use and Trade (Technomat) Tests to construct or disassemble a structure.

SharpshootersThe regiment has a well-earned reputation for producing deadly marksmen, and every soldier is expected to be able to demonstrate great proficiency with a lasgun, at the very least. Such regiments commonly produce some of the finest snipers in the Imperial Guard, and even the common soldier can be relied upon to fell foe after foe with a storm of precise shots.Cost: 4 pointsStarting Aptitude: Ballistic SkillStarting Talents: Deadeye Shot

SnipersSome light infantry or reconnaissance regiments specialise in eliminating their enemies from a distance. Utilising the long las or sniper rifle, the soldiers of this regiment hone their abilities to strike at range, preferably neutralising their targets without ever revealing their own presence. Regiments raised from Ratling home worlds are almost invariably trained and equipped as snipers rather than with the lasguns of normal infantry regiments.Cost: 2Characteristics: +2 Ballistic SkillStarting Talents: MarksmanStandard Regimental Kit: One long las and 4 charge packs or one sniper rifle and four clips per Player Character (Main Weapon).

Automated ArtilleryA wide variety of regiments make use of Tarantula Sentry Guns, using these automated artillery pieces to supplement their own offensive capabilities or to provide additional defence. While sentry guns are especially prized by regiments that are understrength or engaged in seemingly endless wars of attrition or urban campaigns, they also find use supplementing manual artillery pieces or fortifying a drop-trooper beachhead.Cost: 2 pointsStandard Regimental Kit: One Tarantula Sentry Gun per Squad.

BreachersA variety of specialised equipment is available for use by siege regiments and other Imperial Guard forces assigned to attack enemy fortifications. Some specialized combat engineer, sappers, or assault units are granted the use of a Hades Breaching Drill to tunnel under enemy lines or undermine existing, enemy-held tunnels or fortifications. Such work can be extremely dangerous, both for the desperate close-quarters fighting that inevitably results and for the lack of structural stability of such tunnels.Cost: 2 pointsStandard Regimental Kit: One Hades Breaching Drill per Squad.

Combat DrugsCommonly given to Penal Legions and other units whomay require additional encouragement to fight their hardest, combat drugs can provide the additional psychological or physical kick needed to spur a unit to action.Cost: 2 pointsStandard Regimental Kit: The regiment adds an injector or inhaler and three doses of frenzon or five doses of stimm. Additional doses must be obtained through requisition or additional standard kit items.

Electro-Vox WarfareRequiring an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of battlefield communication such as broadcast frequencies, electronic attack, cryptography, power generation, maintenance, and the dizzying array of communications gear fielded across the galaxy, electronic warfare is typically the purview of Operators, Tech-Priest Enginseers, and the occasional astute and tech-savvy Guardsman. No matter where they fight, these Guardsmen are equipped with some of the most sophisticated listening and broadcasting equipment issued by the Departmento Munitorum.Cost: 4Standard Regimental Kit: 1 data-slate per Player Character, 1 micro-bead per Player Character, 1 anointed electronics toolkit per Player Character, 2 auspex/scanners per Squad, 2 static generators per Squad, 1 vox-caster per Squad, 1 signal jammer per Squad.

Ogryn WeaponsFor regiments raised from Ogryn home worlds, or regiments that include a sizeable contingent of Ogryn auxilia amongst their number, it is vital that these hulking abhumans have access to appropriate weapons. Such regiments often attempt to reach a special understanding with the Departmento Munitorum so as to assure the availability of weapons suitable for use by Ogryns.Cost: 1 pointStandard Regimental Kit: The regiment gains an additional +10 on all Logistics Tests to obtain items with the Ogryn- Proof Weapon Quality. In addition, Ogryn characters in the regiment may add a Common Craftsmanship ripper gun and two clips (Main Weapon) to their kit, if it does not already include one.

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